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Network Neutrality

CalTel Network Neutrality
& Open Internet

Network Management Practices


We do not block or filter any lawful content, applications, or services other than what is outlined in the 'Application Specific Behavior' section mentioned below. We do not prohibit the use of any non-harmful or legal device on our network.


CalTel does not throttle, police or prioritize any traffic beyond the purchased rate plan. We do not enforce any data caps.

We do not identify or degrade any sort of network traffic. All traffic is equally weighted and transmitted

Affiliated Prioritization:

Not Applicable. CalTel does not favor any type of internet traffic over another.

Paid Prioritization:

Not Applicable. CalTel does not favor any type of internet traffic over another.

Congestion Management:

When network segments become congested, we work to add bandwidth in a timely manner. When a small segment becomes congested, it typically is only congested during the peak usage hours (approximately 7-11PM PST).

Application-Specific Behavior:

As an anti-spam measure, CalTel has chosen to block outbound TCP port 25 to all non-caltel networks. This measure prevents MUA (Mail User Agents) to MTA (Mail Transfer Agents) direct connections. End users should either use our MSA (Mail Submission Agent), or their mail providers MSA. All mail providers should hopefully have an MSA operating on TCP port 587 (RFC 4409), or the IANA depreciated port of TCP 465 (SMTPS). This policy is inline with RFC 5068.

If an end user needs direct access to an MTA or MSA only operating on port 25, they may contact us, and the port can be opened on a per subscriber basis. We reserve the right to require a statically assigned subnet of CIDR /29 or less to bypass our firewall, which may have an additional monthly service cost. These users are considered to be operating a mail server, and will be expected to be knowledgeable, and adhere to all RFCs regarding proper operations.

CalTel blocks ports that worms, viruses and malware have been known to commonly use. This includes Microsoft DCOM ports TCP/UDP 135-139, 445, and 593. Other ports are occasionally temporarily blocked if there is a current threat. Please call for a current list.

Device Attachment Rules:

CalTel does not restrict the devices you may connect to your Internet connection other than what is outlined in the 'Blocking' section above.


CalTel will from time to time block the ports of worms or known security exploits during outbreaks. Any traffic that violates any RFC may also be blocked at any time.

Performance Characteristics

Service Descriptions:

We offer Broadband access via ADSL, VDSL, PON, and Public Spectrum Wireless.

Due to the rural area, we are not always able to offer full rate services in some circumstances. When that happens the customer will be notified at the time of purchase, and given a choice whether they would like the service or not.

Latency on an unburdened circuit should be less than 50ms to our upstream service provider edges, and average approximately 20ms and 40ms.

Our wireless operates in the public spectrum using the same frequencies as 802.11abg and n. There are any number of conditions out of our control that could interfere with this service, and it is possible that Wireless Broadband may not be suitable for real-time applications.

Each account is assigned one IPv4 address dynamically. Customers may purchase additional a subnet of statically assigned IP addresses for a monthly fee.

Please refer to our current broadband offerings at the following URL:


Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services:

Not Applicable.

Commercial Terms


Our prices are a flat monthly rate with no overages, and no early termination fees. For a better user experience we recommend that customers lease our DSL modems, but that is not required. Click here for a complete listing of our services and prices:


Privacy Policy:

We do not regularly monitor customer traffic. Any monitoring would be strictly for network optimization decisions and security. We will never use any data collected for internal marketing or for selling to a third party. As required by law, we do maintain a log of customers IP address allocation. This information is available only via a subpoena.


For complaints and questions, please contact our offices, and ask for the Internet Manager or customer service manger. Our office phone number is (209) 785-2211.

(209)785-2211 or (209)786-2211
Toll Free